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Monday, March 12, 2012

Good intentions

This weekend I set out a goal to attend the Saturday Lone Star adventure and went to find a project and space in my sewing room and found myself coming up short on both of those. So I decided I would clean up a bit in hopes of finding a project and the counter top in my sewing room! Little did I know I spent the entire day in that little room and worked myself in circles with no real result! I found a lot of UFPs and UMHO (Uni-diffed Missing a Home Objects) for some reason some of my little pieces ran away from their homes and I am not really sure what home they belong in. I have decided that my craft room is a nightmare and shall be cleaned up before I can play!

So hopefully by next get together I have my room enough together that I am able to join you ladies!

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  1. Hi there!
    I so identify with your sewing room drama at present. I am proud to say that all the quilting fabrics I bought on my tour to the US are pressed and stashed ready to go. I do have a major overlap problem on my cutting table though because I have so many garment projects on the go and ready to go. Even the cat freaked out when he tried to jump up. Love your blog :)